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About Us

Here at Fenrir Financial, we’re driven to make a real impact on each and every one of our clients. We truly believe that financial planning changes lives.

At our core, we take inspiration from our namesake, Fenrir, pronounced fen-ree-uh, a famed Norse wolf, who reminds us of the strength in the synergy of the pack. We know that wolves are only as strong as their collective abilities. And financial health is only as strong as its component parts.

Our team is among the most qualified advisors in the country, with valuable experience and expertise honed over decades working at the forefront of financial services. And we’re simply not interested in superficial fixes for our clients. We know that to make quantifiable and lasting progress toward their financial goals, we need to understand what makes them tick.

We take the time to truly get to know our clients, and understand their lifestyles. Everyone is unique, with individual challenges and opportunities, and varying levels of financial knowledge. We build bespoke, jargon-free financial

plans for our clients, tailored for the here-and-now while building towards long-term goals. They incorporate every aspect of a client’s financial life, offering a roadmap to follow towards future success.

Once we create a bespoke plan, we engage in an annual review process that ensures the plan remains relevant throughout life changes a client might experience. The financial plan is the start of the journey, and we remain connected to our clients to increase the likelihood of their success.

In short, Fenrir Financial is here to help our clients achieve financial freedom. We do this by empowering them with choices, whether that’s a better work / life balance, the ability to support loved ones, or even take steps toward an earlier retirement.

When our clients become part of the Fenrir Financial pack, they are rewarded with valuable advice, trusted guidance and a loyalty that will support them through all of life’s biggest changes.


Our highly-experienced team provide honest, qualified guidance and bespoke financial plans that offer a roadmap to financial freedom.

We’re a tight-knit team that operates as a pack – we look after every client like they’re one of our own, helping our community change their lives for the better.

Managing Director

Jane McAleese

Jane McAleese is the founder of Fenrir Financial and has over 25 years of experience in financial services, having previously worked in the Equine Industry.

Jane McAleese is the founder of Fenrir Financial and has over 25 years of experience in financial services, having previously worked in the Equine Industry. Jane established Fenrir Financial with the primary objective of building an enduring business that truly aligns our client's interests with that of our business. Jane believes that our clients are the cornerstone of the business, and Fenrir Financial will always treat that relationship with the utmost respect.

Jane was a co-founder of Wealth Alliance, which she exited in November 2022 to establish Fenrir Financial. She previously worked for Ulster Bank Wealth and held several senior positions with KBC Private Bank and KBC Capital Markets. She is a Qualified Financial Adviser and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and has qualifications in Corporate Treasury and Wealth Management. She was awarded First in her year for the master's level Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Jane's earliest piece of financial advice was given to her by her father, who made her do annual budgets using the save, give and spend philosophy when she was in her teens. She was never allowed to spend more money than she had. That advice still holds true today.

Jane's 'pack' includes her dog Rory, her four brothers and sisters, one godchild, eight nephews and nieces and a ton of cousins. They keep her on her toes and never let her take herself too seriously.

She is a keen golfer and gardener. She is a passionate animal lover, and you will most likely find her walking her dog in North Dublin or the West of Ireland when she is not in the office.

Head of Client Services

Tammy McCarthy

Tammy joins Fenrir Financial as Head of Client Services in November 2022, having previously worked with Jane in Wealth Alliance

Tammy joins Fenrir Financial as Head of Client Services in November 2022, having previously worked with Jane in Wealth Alliance. Tammy has over 20 years’ experience working at a senior level in Bank of Ireland Private Banking and Wealth Alliance.

Tammy cares deeply about the client experience and the team and goes the extra mile with every client interaction, from initial contact to long-term relationships. She is a Qualified Financial Advisor and holds a certificate in Prince2 Project Management.

In keeping with our wolf pack theme, Tammy’s ‘pack’ includes her partner, two children, her mother, 3 sisters,1 brother, many nieces and nephews, and her besties. Together, they are a formidable team and a true force of nature.

Tammy is a keen runner and has a couple of triathlons under her belt. More recently, she has taken up sea swimming. Fortunately, she hasn’t persuaded us to join her.......yet!


Eva Farrell

Eva joined Fenrir Financial in February 2023. She has over 15 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry having previously worked in Alan Tierney & Partners, Goodbody and Bloxham Stockbrokers.

Eva is a QFA, RPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™. Eva is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. Her attention to detail, listening skills and really understanding our clients’ values allows her to deliver financial plans that support our clients on their financial wellbeing journey.

Eva's pack includes her husband, four children and their dog. When she is not on the side lines cheering on her children’s' many sports she enjoys sea swimming, tennis and trying out new restaurants.

Financial Planner

Chris Drumm

Chris joined Fenrir Financial in January 2024. Chris has over 10 years experience in financial services having previously worked with AIB and Link Group.

Chris is a QFA, Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP ® ). Chris also has a BA Finance & Accounting and Professional Certificate in Wealth Management.

Chris’ goal is to ensure that the client experience is the best that it can be. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Chris’ pack is very much in its infancy, after getting married in 2023. Chris loves all things sport, particularly golf.

Non Exec Director

Fergus Bradley

Fergus is a Non-Executive Director of Fenrir Financial with too many years in the industry to mention.

Fergus is a Non-Executive Director of Fenrir Financial with too many years in the industry to mention.

He joined Irish Life Assurance from school at age 17. Having held various management roles in Pensions, Life Assurance and Investments, he held one of the first management positions with the word ‘Compliance’ in the title. Fergus, together with his wife Hilda, set up Compliance Solutions & Training Ltd in 2003, a niche financial services regulatory consultancy firm. Since then he has advised many insurance, investment and mortgage brokers, ensuring they fully understand their Central Bank of Ireland regulatory obligations – and more importantly that they adhere to them! He has acted as an Expert Witness in various Court cases. Fergus promotes the mantra ‘If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen!’ Fergus will assist Fenrir Financial in keeping our Corporate Governance on track.

Fergus holds a number of professional qualifications, including Chartered Insurer, ACII, Qualified Financial Advisor, Associate of the Irish Institute of Pensions Management, Licentiate of the Compliance Institute, and Pension Trustee Practitioner. He regards himself as a ‘Lifelong Student’.

Fergus has presented Continuing Professional Development presentations on behalf of various industry educational bodies for many years and is a well know figure at these events up and down the country, from Cork to Letterkenny and lots of places in between.

From his family pack perspective, Fergus is married with 3 children. While he has no animals himself, he has two ‘grand dogs’ – his daughter’s dogs! His mum was one of the best managers of money, using different cheese boxes to manage the family finance in the early days.

He has played golf for many years (badly!) in Balcarrick Golf Club – Captain 2023, and is a season ticket holder with Leinster Rugby.

The Boss

Rory McAleese

Rory was very excited to join the Fenrir Financial Pack in November 2022.

Rory was very excited to join the Fenrir Financial Pack in November 2022.
He has become a valuable asset to the company and is especially focused on time management and wellbeing, ensuring we take breaks during the day to bring him for walks on the nearby beaches.
He is passionate about Financial Planning and sticking to the plan, so that he can be kept in the lifestyle he is accustomed to.
He loves to have a run, chase rabbits and eat cooked chicken. His Pack includes his two humans, his colleagues, dog minder and really anyone who will give him some of the above-mentioned cooked chicken!
Put simply, Rory is the leader of the pack.

Who We Work With

Behind every small business, are a lot of other advisers. We partner with only the best to ensure your financial future is in the best hands.


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