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Plan for Tomorrow

The next step is to look at the longer-term planning needs, which become more apparent as we dive in a bit deeper.

Our focus is then entirely on exploring your aspirations, future lifestyles and career wishes before thinking of the money. This part is a three-stage process.

  1. Establish life goals.
  2. Prioritise financial objectives.
  3. Provide a selection of financial instruments enabling you to live the life they have articulated.

We use lifelong cash flow modelling software, and involving clients in the modelling phase, empowers them to make changes by showing them how they impact the outcome. It is where the process suddenly becomes powerful.

The software can test different scenarios before any big decisions are made. Our recommendations are presented in a clear, uncomplicated way and form the basis of lifestyle financial planning.

Our planning sessions allow clients to make better-informed decisions, including the inevitable trade-offs between spending today and having enough money in the future. Clients will develop a detailed understanding of their current financial situation and better articulate their desired financial future, which in turn helps them better understand ‘how much is enough’.

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