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In the world of financial planning, we often find ourselves steering through uncharted waters, especially when it comes to investments for minors and inheritance monies. Recently, a third party threw the term “100% risk averse” into the mix, prompting us to take a closer look.

How you invest should be intricately linked to your goals, investment horizon, capacity, and need. Your risk tolerance, while important, is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s an indicator for us, your financial planning partners, to tailor our communication and support to keep you confidently invested.

We all have personal preferences – after all, who genuinely wants to lose money? It’s a bit like the universal struggle of committing to regular gym sessions, cutting back on alcohol, or hitting the recommended five portions of veggies every day. While these habits may not be everyone’s first choice, they align with the greater goal of a healthy and fulfilling life.

In many industries, personal preferences take a back seat when it comes to professional advice. You wouldn’t go to a doctor and declare a 100% aversion to healthy habits, expecting a nod of approval. So why should a 100% risk-averse stance take precedence over a well-advised, long-term investment strategy?

At Fenrir Financial, we believe in crafting strategies that not only align with your risk tolerance but also pave the way for financial growth and security. Let’s navigate the financial seas together, ensuring your investments reflect your journey and aspirations. After all, in the world of finance, one size does not fit all – and that’s a principle we stand by as your dedicated financial pack.